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Pictures by : Lionel Thiriat (Numero Six Photography), Patrick Poncelet (Papymetal) and Marc Auger

LIGHT DAMAGE (EU : Belgium France Luxemburg)


The band was formed in 2005 following a meeting between two passionate musicians. Other members would quickly join them to form a complete combo. The band began by playing cover songs and performing at small venues and local events. The need to express oneself in a more personal way through original compositions appears quiet quickly. In 2009, a few tracks were recorded on a demo called "Acronym" and some of these tracks would be released on an album called "Light Damage". The official release date for this album was January 2015, as it is on this date that the group signed with the Progressive Promotion Records label. 


Following this release, LIGHT DAMAGE will leave its three-border region (Belgium, France, Luxembourg) to open up to other countries. Indeed, the album received a burst of very positive reviews and invitations to several international concerts and festivals began to arrive. 2015 was therefore the year of the presentation of the album in its live version. Participations in prestigious European festivals such as Prog’Résiste (Belgium), PPR Festival (Germany), Summer’s End Festival (United Kingdom), Prog En Beauce (France) would follow. The success of the album, confirmed by the reactions of the public as well as a new stable and motivated line-up, gave the group the desire to compose their next album.


The five musicians got to work and the album "#Numbers" was released on September 15, 2018. On this occasion a release party was organized to directly present the new titles live.


Today new projects are being put in place with a desire to write a third album which will be planned in 3 distinct parts so as not to leave listeners without new material for too long.


The first part of this album will be released in the form of an EP only in digital format for download and on all digital distribution platforms on March 15, 2024.


Bass, Bass - pedal, Backing vocals


Lead Guitar


Vocals, guitar, theremini


Drums, Percussions



Band influences : Light Damage's members have their influences from current prog (Riverside, Gazpacho, Ayreon, Porcupine Tree, Pure Reason Revolution...) while drawing on the roots of progressive rock from the '70s (Pink Floyd, Genesis Gabriel period, Yes, Marillion...)

Through the various chronicles, the group is regularly associated with the sounds of groups such as Marillion, Sylvan, Pendragon, IQ…


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