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At the end of 2023, the musicians of Light Damage went back to the studio with a long-term project in mind, that of starting a concept album which would describe a timeline going from 1867 to far into the future.


This album will be released in several stages. Two digital-only EPs (downloads and distribution platforms) will begin the adventure and will be completed by additional tracks to ultimately make an album which will also be released in a physical format.


The process will be quite long and probably spread over 2 years in order to achieve the desired outcome. However, releasing the elements as EPs as they are produced will allow you to follow the evolution of the album throughout its conception.

 The EP named XX has been released on March 15th 2024

It contains 3 tracks :


- Gears Aligned (13:29)

- Luna (3:43)

- Neon Dream (7:30)

Recorded/mixed/mastered at NOISE FACTORY STUDIO by Gérald JANS

Thanks to Maggy LUYTEN and Kelly SUNDOWN for their help





The industrial revolution brought progress exponentially.

This progress has allowed the population to relieve some of their tedious tasks and therefore make work easier.

Steam engines, fossil fuels and the use of concrete, among other things, have enabled human beings to live better, but each advance has its drawbacks and yet we always want more, to the detriment of the integrity of our planet.






In the 1960s, the goal that seemed most important to human beings was the conquest of the Moon.

Was it really to conquer new horizons or simply a political race to show who was the most technologically advanced?

One thing is certain: the success of this feat was more important than life itself.





One of the decades of the XXth century saw a turning point in consumption.

In the 80s, plastic was king, it was used for everything and thrown away immediately after use.

Western civilization parties on luminous dance floors, under colored or black neon lights and disco balls while little by little the waste generated by all the plastic thrown away begins to eat away at the countryside and the oceans. .

At this time, we did not yet understand the extent of the consequences of this way of life.

As the title Neon Dream has been inspired by the decades 1980 - 1990, a "Radio Edit" version is also available for listening. This format is also a way of paying tribute to this musical period when groups did not hesitate to make long tracks and make truncated versions of them to correspond to radio formats. 


Click HERE for a link to the main listening platforms for the whole EP or HERE for Neon Dream - Radio Edit


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Of course our other tracks and old albums are still available on these same platforms and can be ordered in physical format in our store.



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